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Recipe: Black Beans ‘N Eggs 0

Another Breakfast Recipe – very high in protein, delicious and easy!  This can also be a decent lunch or dinner if you are ever looking to shake things up.  Come on – you know you have eaten eggs for dinner here and there!  Now it is an add on!  Enjoy. Serves 2 people   Nutrients: [...]

Recipe | Black Beans N Eggs

Recipe: Swiss Oatmeal 0

New MMB Breakfast Recipe for you…no cooking required! SWISS OATMEAL – 1 cup lowfat yougart (plain or vanilla) – 1/2 cup milk (1% or 2% works well) – 1/2 cup rolled oats (raw) – 1 banana diced – 1/2 cup dries cranberries – 8 blanched almonds diced – honey to taste (just enough to sweeten [...]

Swiss Oatmeal