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Purple Antioxidant Haze Protein Shake 0

Want a morning breakfast that is easy to make and you can take with you on the go and is 250 calories? How about also adding in the category of healthy too! We thought so – here’s what you do: – Get a Blender and get ready to fill it! – Add a handful of [...]


Recipe: Black Beans ‘N Eggs 0

Another Breakfast Recipe – very high in protein, delicious and easy!  This can also be a decent lunch or dinner if you are ever looking to shake things up.  Come on – you know you have eaten eggs for dinner here and there!  Now it is an add on!  Enjoy. Serves 2 people   Nutrients: [...]

Recipe | Black Beans N Eggs

Recipe: Swiss Oatmeal 0

New MMB Breakfast Recipe for you…no cooking required! SWISS OATMEAL – 1 cup lowfat yougart (plain or vanilla) – 1/2 cup milk (1% or 2% works well) – 1/2 cup rolled oats (raw) – 1 banana diced – 1/2 cup dries cranberries – 8 blanched almonds diced – honey to taste (just enough to sweeten [...]

Swiss Oatmeal