Daily Rituals Define Your Results 0

Patterns of Action define your success or your failure.  It all depends which patterns of action you choose to focus on.

Patterns of Action define your success or your failure. It all depends which patterns of action you choose to focus on.

Every day we wake up, there are certain patterns or rituals we follow. Wake up in the morning and some may make coffee and read the newspaper. Some may eat, and then exercise. Whatever it may be, the results we get out of life are a product of our rituals. Rituals in our life affect our relationships, finances, our bodies, just to name a few. In order to understand why we get the results we do in life we have to examine what our rituals are. Are your rituals modeled after someone who has achieved success in the area in which you seek success? Or, are the rituals you follow everyday just the same old patterns you have been used to and do them because they are easy? Let me give a few examples.

If you look at someone’s body, you can figure out what their ritual is. Are they exercising 5-6 days a week or are they not exercising at all. You can figure that out by muscle definition or body shape. If you see someone have free time, own nice things (car, house, etc.), or be able to travel when they want, obviously that person has financial rituals that are resulting in a positive financial situation. If a person never has enough money, spends no time with family (always working), or never travels, do you think the financial ritual that person follows is different?

“If you want change in your life, you must change your physiology or physical state and your focus” – Tony Robbins

If you want to make changes in your life, controlling your physiology and focus is crucial. Your physical state relates directly to your focus. If your physical state is one of sagging shoulders, head being down, dragging along, etc. your focus will be of negativity and sadness. If you stand up with your shoulders back, head up, body strong, your focus will shift towards something more positive, confident and uplifting.

We all know the following saying, “Seek and you shall find”. Positive or negative, good or bad, it does not matter. You will find or have what you focus on. Focus is so important in determining what rituals you practice in your life.  Focus is controlled by the questions you ask yourself on a repetitive basis. Your mind is like a computer, it has to respond to the question you ask it. If you ask yourself a lousy question, you will get a lousy answer.Example: Why can’t I lose weight and be fit—-Answer: Because I eat too much and don’t exercise. If you ask a better question, the answer your brain will tell you will be much more positive and up lifting. Example: How can I start to get in better physical shape and eat healthier? Answer: Start by exercising 20 -30 minutes a day and eating smaller meals more frequently through the day.

Step by Step positivity patterns will lead you to your goals and dreams.

Step by Step positivity patterns will lead you to your goals and dreams.

Asking the right question is one part of it. When you ask yourself is the other. It may not be what you are doing, but when you are doing it. Some people may say, “I feel I am doing the right thing, why is it not working?” For example, if you are in the real estate industry, you could do be doing what worked a few years ago, but if you do that same thing today, your results will be much worse. Determine what “time” you are in before deciding what question to ask. It will help position yourself to yield the results you are looking for. Right time and the right question will result in targeted focus towards what you want to change.

Here are two affirmations that may help:

  • Because I am focused on what I am doing, I get the results I desire
  • I focus on all my inner strength and power which gives me the ability to change my life

Always pay attention to your physiology and focus when it comes to life. These two things can be a strong foundation to change whatever it is in your life now and in the future.

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