Purple Antioxidant Haze Protein Shake 0


Want a morning breakfast that is easy to make and you can take with you on the go and is 250 calories? How about also adding in the category of healthy too! We thought so – here’s what you do:

- Get a Blender and get ready to fill it!
- Add a handful of frozen blueberries
- Add 3 or 4 frozen strawberries
- Add a banana
- Add a handful of raw rolled oats
- Add in a scoop of Spirulina or your choice of Protein powder (any will do)
- Add a 1/2 teaspoon or less of coffee grinds
- Optional. Add a tablespoon or 2 of Sambazon Acai juice (or any brand you like)
- Optional. Add some low sugar plain yogurt (1/2 an individual container is good)

OK all of your lovely ingredients are in! Add in a little milk or water; your choice. The rule of thumb here is to show the liquid line on the blender to about 1/2 cups (after the ingredients are in). You really do not need much liquid.

BLEND AWAY! (MANDATORY – shake your body in pure excitement as your blender shakes with you). You do not need ice cubes if you are using frozen blueberries and strawberries – that is the beauty of it!

If you find that the mixture is not blending well, add dashes of water to get it going. You can also try pulsing a little until the ingredients start to liquify.

DO NOT try to put a wooden spoon or other apparatus in a moving blender (you know you have tried at least once in your life)!

THE RESULT - in addition to MMMmmm, you also just created your very own Purple Antioxidant Haze Protein Shake (crowd cheering in the background). What does it provide to you? Well antioxidants of course; along with at least 15 grams of needed protein; as well as fiber, oats, super fruits, ENERGY, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, and even your 1st cup of coffee in one jam packed nutritious meal replacement!

It also provides much needed morning time savings. Imagine yourself boiling oatmeal, brewing coffee and slicing fruits; all before starting your daily regimen.

Have we told you it is delicious yet? That too! I love making this just after a morning workout (which I usually do on an empty stomach). My body really thanks me all day long after starting off an action packed day this way!

ENJOY! BEVI BEVI! (Drink Drink!)

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